Reasons Why Ted Dekker is My Favorite Author

Hello! So, I’m ashamed to say that I yet again forgot about my blog. I apologize most sincerely. But I’ve had my focus on less important things…like getting good grades and other COMPLETE time wasters like that. Haha!

So, this time I’m doing a post that I’ve really been wanting to do for a while now- the reasons why the brilliant Mr. Dekker is my favorite author. Hands down. And I’ve read a lot of books over my time.

Well, I might as well hop right to it!

Reason 1: He’s Christian. Ted is my inspiration in writing because he is the PERFECT example of how the themes Christian and Thriller CAN be in the same book together! His books are laced with adrenaline and they all have a beautiful deeper meaning weaved in between all the action! Some people don’t think you can have a good, creepy, thrilling, plot twisting book when it’s Christian- and it’s just not true! Dekker is a living example of that!

Reason 2: His descriptions are crisp. Honestly, guys. Dekker blows me away with his descriptions of the simplest things like a room. Sounds lame, I know. But it’s his wording that really makes me shiver with awe. He uses the most crisp wording that I’ve never seen its equal. And it’s not even just the words- it the way he puts them!

Reason 3: He makes the most brilliant characters! There’s not one Dekker character that I don’t completely love. Antagonist, Protagonist- you name it, I love it. The “bad guy” I hate sometimes- but even in my hatred I love them because they’re just so evil. Let me give you an example: In his book Showdown the Antagonist is a black-clad tall stranger that goes by the name of Marsuvees Black. He’s ridiculously creepy, and a complete psycho but he’s just so interesting that even through all of his psychotic-ness I STILL love him! Because I respect the fact that Ted can think up a character as brilliantly unsettling as Marsuvees. Another example would be with  honestly every Protagonist he’s ever written into existence.  Thomas Hunter, from The Circle Trilogy, Seth Boarder, from Blink of an Eye, Billy, Darcy, and Johnny, from Showdown, and Saint. Kevin Parson, from Thr3e. Just, each one has such unique things to them that it’s honestly hard to remember that they aren’t real.

Reason 4: He’s mastered the art of hooking his reader. What’s the point in reading a book if you barely like it? Or the author is taking FOREVER to get to the action? The thing I love with Dekker is he almost ALWAYS gives you some insane action within the first ten pages. Believe me- if you aren’t completely addicted to the book by chapter 5— you’ve got the wrong Ted Dekker, because that’s not the author I know and love!

Reason 5: He’s not afraid to explore the dark side a little bit. That by itself may sound uber weird to some of you. But hear me out: what I mean by that is I love that he isn’t afraid to give his reader the world for what it is. Yes, in some instances I just want to read to ESCAPE life, not read more about the idiocy of it! But even when he does give you life for what it is: there’s always a resolve to the conflict. Another example: In his book Chosen one of the main characters, at the young age of 16 is thrown into battle. This shows us that crap happens sometimes. HOWEVER, the story takes place in another dimension where sin is a disease that grows on the flesh that can only be rid of by bathing in the god, Elyon’s lake. (like the sacrificing on the lamb in the Old Testiment) There are fuzzy white bats that speak, and the main character Johnis just may of found love through this insane journey.

Reason 6: He’s hilarious. Seriously. Dekker has this sense of humor like no one else I’ve heard. It’s this dry, quick wit that keeps me rolling on the floor in the mists of something horrible happening in the story.

Reason 7: He is descriptive, but not TOO descriptive. To me, there is such a thing as TOOOOOOOO descriptive. You know what I’m talking about. Those authors that take up five pages just to describe what Suzie’s dress looks like, or how blue the sky is that day. It makes me ill, and it makes me lose interest in where the story is heading swiftly. Dekker is very descriptive, but he does it in such a way where it really doesn’t feel like he’s describing something. Allow me to give you yet another example: Let’s say he writes a character and names him Sampson. Sampson has some really blue eyes.

Way #1: Sampson had blue eyes. His blue eyes were like two raging oceans. They easily pierced whoever looked into them. His blue eyes were soft, though. Like he never would hurt anyone. So many people loved Sampson’s eyes. They said they were his best feature, although he disagreed.

Way #2: Sampson looked into my eyes and the depth of the color blue pierced right into my very soul. They were by far his best feature, I could see this now as they sparked with passion.

See how way number two kinda keeps things going, AND INCORPORATES the details into a scene? That’s what Dekker has been able to master!

…And these are only a few of the many, MANY reasons why I love Ted Dekker, and his breathtaking work! If you haven’t checked out his works, PLEASE do! Go to and you can see a list of his titles, and which ones would interest you!

Have an awesome, Force-filled day, my friends!

Until Next Time,

Obi-Wan KeMaddie


Why The Force Would Be Useful

So, the Force is obviously wicked awesome in Star Wars, and so crazy helpful to the Jedi (and Sith, don’t want to leave anyone out). But how much would it be helpful in everyday life- and not just in an intense saber duel? Well, I’m here to tell you some of ways the Force could seriously boost life in the real world!

Number One: I think we all agree (Jedi or not) that the Dark Side’s  power is wicked cool. (emphasis on the wicked part) I mean, what Jedi can Force choke someone? Exactly. None. Unless you’re a fallen Jedi- and well, then you aren’t a Jedi at all! I’m not saying it would be useful to be able to Force choke people. But………Force pushing… THAT’S a different story. (Jedi can do that too, but Sith are cooler) Just imagine: someone is REALLY ticking you off. I mean they just called your favorite band lame and stupid and they shouldn’t be a band. I mean you are FIERY angry.  The person snottily starts to walk away . (you’re on a dock, by the way because you know…why not?) So, you use the Force and shove them into the forty degree water. You get your revenge, and the best part is: you can just play it like they tripped.

Number Two: Cleaning up my room would be so much easier! I HATE cleaning my room because it’s a wreck, and it takes forever and I’m sweating before I even start from cranking my metal and jumping around so much. It’s really just a pain to move all the crap from one corner to the other :b. With the Force, I could just lay on my bed and listen to music or Bus Banter, and move it all with just a lift of a finger! Sure, if Master Obi-Wan caught me doing it he’d be very grumpy- but hey! I’d have a clean room, therefore: WORTH.IT.

Number Three: You could trick the weak minded so easily!! I’m thinking of a yard sale right now. You go to a yard sale, find  a Mace Windu lightsaber, and they have five bucks on it. That’s already a miracle, but you only have two with you. So, you walk up, and say, “Hey, will you take two bucks for this?” and if they reply with a no, well, then swipe you hand and rephrase it. “You WILL give this to me for two dollars.” and it’s yours! Mom’s too…maybe your mother is making something gross for dinner, like cabbage casserole or something, and you want dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets instead. So you ask. She replied no. Then you spipe the hand and get what you want. It’s genius I tell you. GENIUS.

Number Four: Getting things would be amazingly easy. Like how many times have you gotten all comfy on the couch and then realized that the remote is on the other side of the room and you panic because your dog is asleep on you and you know if you move he’ll bite you so you call out for help but no one is home and then you remember that you also forgot your snack and drink in the kitchen which’ll take even more time getting so you sit there and just cry and then when you’re done- you realize your show is already over and you missed the series finally and you didn’t set it up to record?  Because that’s happened to me too many times. Never again if you have the Force! (I feel like this just turned into an infomercial!) You can just call the TV remote to your hands!

Number Five: You wouldn’t have to pretend to open automatic doors with “The Force”. Say goodbye to “open sesame” and say hello to actually opening things with the Force! You would feel like a total boss!

So clearly, the Force is something you definitely want to have in your life.

Until Next Time,

Obi-Wan KeMaddie

The Book Boyfriend- The Most Beautiful Creature Known to Man.


The book boyfriend (and girlfriend-gotta appeal to the dudes as well) may just be the most beautiful creature known to man (and woman-gotta appeal to the woman xD)!! This is the plain truth, speaking from experience!

I’ve found out how truly sucky real humans really are  and at the same time I realized how amazing the guys in books are! Think about it…it’s why they’re fictitious! BECAUSE NO REAL GUY IS THAT AMAZING!

Roses are red, Violets are blue- I’ll kiss a frog but I won’t kiss you.

Roses are red, Violets are blue- you are without a doubt the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

-Seth Boarder
Blink of and Eye – Ted Dekker

What real guy says that?!

One of the things I really love about the book boyfriend is: they never leave you. They’re always consistent, and they’re always bound to the pages. So if Ted Dekker says that Seth had beautiful green eyes- then by golly he’ll always be like that!

This probably sounds so weird. So I’m sorry if I scare anyone haha. But another thing I love is that they’re always there! If I’m feeling the weight of how much people and guys suck- I just go to my room, crack open a book- and what do you know? The unrealistic amazing guy is there!

I may have a problem…
Eh, oh well.
So, what are your favorite book characters? Guys or Gals?

Until Next Time,

Obi-Wan KeMaddie 🙂


My New Years Resolutions!

Happy New Years, to all my wonderful readers! I’m a bit late to posting this addition, but hey! It’s not January 2nd just yet in my time zone! It’s 11:02! I still have time!

Well, I’ll quit blabbing and get to the point! (after all, time is a’wasting!)

I can’t believe it’s 2016 already! It’s crazy! 2015 went SO fast it’s like we were traveling through lightspeed or something. Actually, once the highlight of 2015 for me was over- that’s when I was able to make the jump to lightspeed. Before, everything was kinda slow, I’m sad to report.

You know, I’ve never understood the whole ‘New Years Resolutions thing…for a lot of America their new year’s eve is spent being completely wasted. But then they make a list so they’ll do better the next year? Sounds pretty fishy to me. But, for the sake of tradition- I made a list this year. We’ll see if it actually makes me into a better Jedi or not.

Well, here we go…I hope you don’t die of boredom!

  1. To Be Myself No Matter What. — Yeah, I just recently found out that apparently guys really want us girls to be ourselves and that was news to me. I was used to having sixteen different personalities for you all dumb boys. XD I’m kidding. You’re not dumb. I am. (plus, guys make cool Jedi) So now I’m not going to change for anything or anyone. It’s sadly a huge relief!
  2. I’m Going To Read A Book A Week. — I’m not sure how this improves myself, (yeah right like there’s even any ROOM for improvement- I’m already perfect! Aduhhhhh!) but hey, in the long run I might become Einstein Jr. and then rule the world with my mad power!!!!
    …I mean what?
  3. I’m Gonna Rep My Bands Like Never Before! — Once again, how this makes me a better person, I have no clue. I’m changing the rules! Because Jedi are so cool- we can just change the rules!! Anyway, yeah, I’m gonna rep my boys like never before! I’m talking wear a band T-shirt every time I leave the house, tell random people about the bands…you get the point.
  4. I’m Going To Read The Entire Bible In A Year! — Now this does count as making myself better because any more Bible I read is getting closer to God, and I mean- how much better can you get, really?
  5. I’m Going To Write Everyday All This Year (and beyond)! — This is helping me hone a skill so that’s good, right? That makes me better, right? Right. So whether it be a poem,  A BLOG POST, a book, a chapter, or a sentence, I’m going to write at least SOMETHING everyday!

I think that’s all I have for this one! What are your New Years Resolutions? And of course: MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU ALL THROUGH 2016!!!!

As Always,

Until Next Time,

Obi-Wan KeMaddie

Why I’m a Bookworm

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Once again, I’m back! For my third post today because well, we have a lot to catch up on, don’t we?

This newest addition to Jedi World is about why I’m a Bookworm. The reasons are simple, really. (Just as a disclaimer, I consider reading to be a somewhat geeky activity so this does fit into my geek theme I’ve got going on here!)

Reason One: Life just kind of sucks sometimes, so who can blame us Bookworms for wanting a good escape? Plus, I mean, I think we can all agree that life can be pretty boring sometimes. So, instead of being at some boring baby shower, all I have to do is crack open a nice ‘ol Ted Dekker book and BAM! I’m no longer bored by the dull happenings of the place around me. I’m now in the car with Seth and Miriam, or at the Monastery with Billy and Darcy. Or yes, I can even be in Paradise while Marsuvees Black stops by for a visit!

Reason Two: I’m a writer, and books really inspire me! Pretty much more than any other form of entertainment out there, books really get the writer in me excited and amped up to keep working on my own stories! I pick up ways to word things, and better ways to portray emotions!

Reason Three: Reading widens my vocabulary! I know that sounds really dorky of my to say, but it’s true. I love learning new words! I always keep my phone on me for my Merriam Webster app when I’m reading because I don’t like an unknown word to just be skimmed over and forgotten about. In writing, a large vocabulary is so useful! It helps in dodging those moments of being repetitive too!

Reason Four: The guys in books are always amazing! It’s so true! Mr. Darcy, Jesse Tuck, Seth Boarder, Thomas Hunter, Prince Char, Peter from Narnia… and that’s why they’re book characters, because no real human could ever be that amazing! There is no real-life Mr. Darcy, I don’t care what anyone says, it’s simply not true. There is no guy as amazing as Thomas Hunter. It’s just a fact. I won’t get into it too much, because I have another whole post planned for the topic of the lovely creature called “The book boyfriend”.

Reason Five: I love proving that I don’t need an electronic device to keep me entertained and happy. I simply don’t. So many teens today are so wrapped up in their phones that they can’t leave the house without it. Like what would they ever do if they couldn’t take a selfie while waiting for their mother in the Walmart parking lot?! THEY’D LOSE THEIR MIND FROM BOREDOM! No! I don’t need my phone to keep me entertained. Give me a book, and I’ll be happy for hours.

Books are just the best, people. Believe it, and I won’t have to take some…very Dark Sidey measures on you to start believing it!

Until Next Time,

Obi-Wan KeMaddie

Why Do I Write?



Ever since I can remember I’ve been writing. Whether it be about some super secret spy mission I was going on that day (and bailed at the last moment) or about some guy that I was crushing hard on- I wrote almost everyday since I was about six or seven years old.

Of course, little did I know at the time that God would use my writing skills for something way deeper than writing sloppily in some journal about a guy that didn’t ever even look my way. I didn’t know way back then that my writing wasn’t just some phase I picked up from a movie that I watched and obsessed over.

But as the years drifted by, and obsessions and interests came and went, I slowly started noticing that I never quit writing. Even when I got out of my stage where I watched the movie Harriet the Spy everyday because I wanted to be just like her. (Not the best role model, I know)

I was looking at one of my many old journals from where I was about eight or nine. One of my entries I was asking myself the question of what talent God had given me. I was so discouraged that I hadn’t found mine yet when most of my friends had! I found it funny that all along, while I’m going off about how I’ll never find my God-given talent- I WAS DOING IT RIGHT THERE! :b

When I was around the same age, I started getting a little more serious about my writing. I wrote my first book. (about forty pages long- but not bad for an eight year old!) It was TOTAL crap, but it was the best I could do at the time, I suppose.

Then I started writing poetry and songs that I would sing HORRIBLY out of tune and annoy my big sister constantly with. The words were meaningless, something about a seahorse in one of them, I think. But the point is: my talent was growing and even branching out! I wasn’t the six year old that wrote in giant letters in some composition notebook anymore. I was writing stories, making up my own characters- changing the protagonist’s age around to match my own… 😉

I’ve been getting better and better ever since I really started testing my limits and getting a little more serious about it!

But all this time I’ve been writing, and I never truly realized WHY I had this desire, this passion for writing in the first place! Why did (and do) I even have the WANT to write?

I got the answer almost two months ago. Ted Dekker, one of the most brilliant minds in fiction writing today put out an audiobook where he discussed why us authors do what we do. And boy, that opened up a whole other GALAXY of understanding for me, as an author- no matter how elementary I might be!

Ted’s main point was that whether we realize it or not: all writers write to discover! At first, I thought it was a bunch of malarky because I myself hadn’t realized it! But once I thought about it a little more, I found that he was completely right! For instance, I wrote one of my books, The Super Trio and Riley, my main character- get’s a boyfriend at once point. I’ve never had a boyfriend. And before I realized we really do write to discover, I just overlooked that and thought, “well yeah. there’s got to be romance! All good books have romance!” but after knowing we write to discover things we haven’t yet discovered in life- it all clicked. Huh, I was writing about so and so having a boyfriend because I was honestly wondering what that must be like. So from my curiosity I fabricated the rest based off of what I knew from other sources. Also, from what I thought it would be like. I was trying to discover what that would feel like- having a guy non-stop chase you around!

I also write for myself. To answer my own questions! (this kind of goes hand in hand with the discovery part) For example: maybe I’m going through some dilemma in my life…say I like two guys at once or something …I don’t know what to do. And I’m sure as heck not going to rely on Disney Channel for my answer. So, what do I do? (and I didn’t even realize I was even DOING this until a few months ago) I start writing. I make a subplot where one of my most static characters goes through the same thing that I am. Because I almost depend on them. Heck- my fictitious character is more stable than MYSELF half the time! So I want to see how Riley  or Amelia deals with it! Because they think things through so thoroughly before making some kind of decision!  So, I write to help find the answers to some of my dilemmas!

Another reason I write is for a release. I’m not the best at spilling my feelings to real people sometimes, so I go to my most dependable friend- a beautiful pal in life I like to call pen and paper. When I write in personal journals or whatever, I know no one is going to judge me- because I’m only talking to myself. That’s a huge release of feelings that I don’t usually get with humans! I think I also do that with my characters. Maybe I’m really ticked and I need to get my rage out. So what do I do? I pickup my laptop and make Lacy scream at Ryker, or Riley flip out on Luke! Because in a way, that’s a release as well. It feels good that someone can yell and throw a big old fit while the other just laughs in utter amusement.

So, in conclusion- there are so many reasons I write. To let my feelings fly free, to entertain myself, to entertain others, to let out rage, to make a situation that I can’t ever have, but most of all, I write to discover. And if you’re a writer, I want to encourage you to not be afraid of the discovery that comes along with every page you bleed on. (metaphorically speaking, of course. I just mean to let your heart do the writing) Some things you discover might shock you-because the number one thing I’ve found I’ve discovered from writing, is how weak I really am. Or how low my self-esteem is one day. But nothing is wasted, because along with all of that I learn my weak spots and I learn how to strengthen those places! So dive in, and don’t be afraid of a little discovery that comes with every chapter, paragraph, sentence, and word you write!

Until Next Time,

Obi-Wan KeMaddie


Reasons Why This Jedi Will Never Get a Boyfriend

Hello all you lovely Sith and Jedi out there! It’s Obi-WanKeMaddie! And I’m back! What did I tell you? So, this time I’m going to be talking about the reasons why I’ll probably never get a boyfriend- both reasons WHY and because I don’t want one! No matter how Ewok sized these reasons may seem- they’re legit.

Reason Number One: I am a GIANT geek. And yeah, I know “geek” is really in right now. But I’m not talking “I got a pair of  fake oversized glasses and I’m wearing a Star Wars sweater even though I don’t even know Darth Vader’s real name” kind of geek. Because let me tell you: those aren’t true geeks! (I’m sorry if this is offensive to anyone…my Dark Side is coming out a little) I’m the “I don’t leave my room, I read constantly, my wardrobe is almost all comic book and Star Wars, and my bedroom walls are filled with geeky posters” kind of geek. The TRUE geek. And I’m not so sure how guys like that. But I’m not changing!

Reason Number Two: I’m eccentric. Yup. I am a complete and total weirdo wack job. I’m into weird stuff (like books in the thriller genre) and I’m not ashamed of it, either.

Reason Number Three: I’m a huge metalhead. Yeahhhh, I’m pretty convined that I will NEVER let a guy take me to a concert because he doesn’t want to see that side of me. I go all out Dark Jedi. I don’t talk much in real person life- I’m the one in the corner wearing the black hoodie with my nose stuffed in a book. But when I go to concerts…should I even say? Why not. *I Jedi Mind Trick you all to forget what is about to be said* (well there! THAT took care of the problem! I’m like a turtle who just came out of its shell at a concert. I yell, I scream, I’m obnoxious, and just plain fangirly most of the time.

Reason Number Five: I’m a bookworm. Unless I end up finding a guy who loves books as much as I do, *cough- Jess on Gilmore Girls! – cough* then I’m basically left to be thrown into the Sarlacc pit. Because every minute I’m not off saving the galaxy with my friend’s- then I’m reading. Even on my ship, I’m reading. I get space sick- so don’t try it. But basically anywhere I go I bring a book with me. It’s my type of entertainment. Most of today’s teenagers don’t get why I love books so much. My own best friend’s have told me, “You’re so weird for getting so excited about such a big book.” some people JUST DON’T GET IT. So I’ll either have to find a Jedi in shining armor that loves to have his face in a book (and loves my favorite author- that’s a must, too) or else off to Jabba’s Palace he goes- banished from my Jedi presence!

Reason Six: Most guys I know (and I hang with mostly all guys) treat me like I’m one of them. Now, I’m not complaining about this one, because it’s actually pretty nice. I get a lot of respect from the guy world. But it’s just such a delicate balance between hanging with them and frightening them. Which I sometimes do (only when my Dark Side is surfacing, though). I’ve found the guys I know go after the girls that aren’t willing to arm wrestle them and then go beat- I mean COMPETE against them in an archery tournament. The good part is: I’m never “the girl who can’t do what we can”. I’m ALWAYS “the girl that CAN do what we can and if you question her, well…she won’t hesitate drawing her lightsaber.” So this one really has its ups and downs.

Reason Seven: I have no desire to have a boyfriend. Guys are icky anyway. Don’t get me wrong- I love guys. Most of my best friends are guys. Just when it goes into a deeper relationship- yup, they get icky. Most guys in my age group are Sith anyways!

Alright, well stupid school is calling my name at the moment- (the urge to turn to the Math Side is strong. But I shall fight) so I should better go before my Captain hands me off to the Sand People!

Until Next Time, and May the Force Be With You,


Star Wars: The Force Awakens!!!

First off, I know, I know! I suck more than Jar Jar Binks and Hayden Christensen’s acting! I’m so , so sorry that I disappeared for a while, but I kind of forgot about my dear, dear blog. Well, never again! I am back, and you better believe I am back for good! (you should probably not take my word on that…I’ve uh…I’ve recently turned to the dark side.)

Before you read my review on  Star Wars episode 7, I would like to warn you: THIS WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. 

Okay, now that all the important stuff is out of the way, let’s go on to stuff of even more importance!

Star Wars episode 7 was phenomenal! There is just really no other way of putting it. All around the movie may of been Star Wars best yet. All my opinion, but I’m the master so my opinion should be a correct one, right?

Alright, I’ll say the only thing that I didn’t think was done to the best of their ability…and this is the only bad thing in the entire movie so overall it was wonderful! I feel like the romance between two certain characters was way too premature, and it didn’t have a very good base for the entire thing. I felt like the one character was really feeling the attraction while the other one almost played along…I don’t know if that was just me or not, but there you have it.

Now, onto the good things, in which there are many!

First off, Kylo Ren – the new bad guy is really awesome! He is a bit whiny in parts, but I believe that was totally planned out because of a resemblance he was supposed to hold to Anakin in episodes II and III.

Speaking of the resemblance to Anakin, I think they did that VERY well! He was less whiny than Anakin with a little more bad-butt in him. But, in my opinion, the actor and the screenwriters did a marvelous job portraying enough Anakin for people to catch on to it without him becoming a total copy cat.

The next thing that I really loved about it was how the main character was the heroin- Rey. She’s a girl. I think in today’s world we could use a few butt-kickers eager to get the job done without needing the assistance of a man. Don’t get me wrong, guys are great. But girls don’t need you all the time. And I like how they conveyed that. There were times where Rey really did need the help of Finn, another main character. Then there were the times where she would’ve probably been better off without him around, haha!

They kept all the original elements in the beginning scene thing. “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away” thingy. I’m pretty sure I was in a galaxy far far away the moment that came onto the big screen. I felt like crying, I felt like yelling, I felt like being quiet so people wouldn’t look at me funny. 😉

What they did with Luke’s character was, I think, a really big bargain. But the bargain paid off because it made a fantastic plot point that added some real thick suspense into the main storyline!

Over all, the movie was just mind blowing with it’s ending open, and it’s mystery laced sections! And if you don’t believe what I have to say, well then go and see it for yourself! It’s still in theaters so hurry before your time of opportunity is up!

I apologize for any weird errors in this post…I’m writing it at two a.m because you know…why not?

Geek on, have a wonderful week, and as always,
May the Force be With You.

Until Next Time,



Five Facts You Didn’t Know About Me

So, this one is kind of a “getting to know me” post. But never fear! Where the is me, there will be geek stuff! It’s just my nature! Let’s get going!

1: When I was a kid, I used to eat playdough. That isn’t a joke. I don’t know why I did it, but I was around five years old, the pretty colors looked appetizing to me! It was disgusting and very, very salty.  I didn’t like it. Yet I kept eating it.

2: Most of my Barbies ended up without their heads. That is the honest truth. I enjoyed playing Barbies with my older sister, and still most of them ended up decapitated. It was most likely from frustration. You see, we only had one Ken doll and somehow my sister’s Barbie would always end up getting the guy. So maybe all my anger overflowed into yanking their limbs off… Just a theory. I actually can’t remember the real reason why.

3: I have a crush on two of the Disciple members. Yeahhh, I’m a little embarrassed to say so, but this one was interesting. I don’t know if I want to name names. Oh, whatever, it’s not like they’re going to read this! (or at least I sure hope!) I like Kevin, and Joey. So there ya go. You know my darkest secret. Well, that is not my darkest. Hehe.

4: I am horrible at video games. Really, I suck immensely at video games. When playing Mario with my sisters, the number one thing I would do is bubble. Or die. One of the two. The only video game that I am even remotely good at is Mario Kart – and I’m still horrible at it!

5: I have a crush on a person that I know. Okay, this time I’m really not going to name names. Because I don’t know if this person reads the blog. Things could get a little sticky then. But yeah. Not my first crush and probably won’t be my last.

So yeah! Dear reader, you now know five more things about me than you knew yesterday! I do apologize if this one was boring or something like that. I do love comments, so if it was boring or funny or weird, or whatever – post what you thought in the comments section!

Until Next Time,

Obi-Wan KeMaddie

Why I Hate Episode III

I absolutely hate Star Wars episode III. There are many reasons why I hate that episode of the saga. I’ll tell you some of them.

First off, there’s Anakin. This goes for II and III. (I do like II though) I don’t understand how the same movie that can afford hiring on Samuel L. Jackson gets a dude like Hayden. It makes no sense to me at all. I do apologize, but that boy just can not act. I think if you got a rock, glued googly eyes to it and gave it a lightsaber it would be a better actor than him. It could’ve been so much better if Hayden was better.

My second issue is that I kinda liked Anakin Skywalker. Then he had to turn to the dark side. I mean, I do love Darth Vader but I liked Anakin too. Plus, when you think about it, Anakin is just not cool enough to be Darth Vader. I’m sorry, but if you saw episode five, and then II and those were the only Star Wars movies you had ever seen; if I told you Anakin was Darth, you’d think he was a goober.

There’s too many feels for me. I’m a softie when it comes to comic books and sci fi movies, honestly. I didn’t shed a single tear when my family watched Fireproof – but I bawled my eyes out at the end of that movie. The thing that really got me is that Padme not only horridly kicked the bucket. But at her funeral, she’s grasping the necklace that Anakin gave to her in Episode I. I fell to pieces so quickly.

Mace Windu dies. Like c’mon, Lucas! You don’t make Nick Fur– I mean mace Windu die! He was obviously not a character that you kill off! Before Execute Order 66 they had plenty of Jedi to kill off. But no. They just HAD to kill off the coolest of them all.

Venting, sorry.

I think Anakin was being a bit dramatic with the whole dream thing. Honestly, if he would’ve just listened to his wife in the first place that it was all a stupid dream – Vader hadn’t of been born.

When you think about it the person to blame is Qui-Gon. I mean, he’s the one who took Anakin away and into the life of a padawan. He created the monster.

So, in the end, I do not like that episode because of- bad actors, feels, and bad choices.

Although I must say – the first breaths of Darth Vader — Yeah, I had chills. Such a happy yet sad emotion. That scene was brilliant.

Until Next Time,

Obi-Wan KeMaddie